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As the exclusive sign company in North Queensland boasting in-house manufacturing and installation, alongside holding both a QBCC License and an electrical license, our clients can trust the full legal compliance of our work.
This dual certification, combined with the vast experience of our owners, Rhys and Luke, positions Status Signs to confidently pursue sign projects requiring structural engineering and electrical expertise.
Our commitment to these certifications not only assures compliance but also provides our customers with unwavering peace of mind regarding the safety, quality, and integrity of our services.
When is a licence required?

A licence is required when an individual or company wants to carry out, undertake to carry out or supervise building work valued over $3,300 (including labour and materials) in Queensland.

Why is a licence required in the signage industry?

Simply, for public safety and to ensure that manufacturers have the equipment, skill and experience to understand how to design and install signage meet code compliance.

Signs are installed in high profile, but often dangerous locations. Additionally, many are fitted with electrics. These signs require special fixings and footings, and an understanding of how to engineer the framework to withstand the environmental factors, or exposure to vandalism or damage.

How do you benefit from our QBCC licence?

Three words... peace of mind. As the owner of your sign, the responsibility will ultimately fall on you if your sign is considered unsafe or posing a possible threat to the public. At Status Signs we make sure that all our works are built to the QBCC requirements, giving you peace of mind, knowing that everything is manufactured to the highest possible standard. QBCC licence holders have to meet a very strict criteria, demonstrate years of experience, have suitable insurance and meet financial audit. It is a sure guarantee that you are dealing with the best of the best.

What is the licence class for the signage industry?

Builder restricted to special structures (signs)

(a) construction, installation, maintenance or repair of signs and supporting structures for signs; and

(b) concreting works for footings for supporting structures for signs; and

(c) prepare plans and specifications for signs and supporting structures for signs if the plans and specifications are -

     (i) for the licensee's personal use; or

     (ii) for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.

Unlicensed contracting

It is important to ensure that the person you have contracted with to perform the building work holds an appropriate QBCC Licence. They will need to have one in the business name and one in the name of the person overseeing the work.

The online search facility should be used to check that the licensee holds an active licence and one that covers the type of work to be performed. When the work is to be carried out by a company, it should have its own licence and not operate under and individual licensee's licence number.

To access the online search facility go to

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