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At Status Signs we offer a full service from planning, concept design and manufacture, right through to engineering, on-site coordination, and installation.

Our experienced team of project coordinators, artists, installers and technicians are able to create a broad spectrum of high-end signage to suit your specific needs.


Every sign begins with a vision. Our job is to take your vision and turn it into a reality. We are fluent in 'sign' language and can help you discover exactly what style, material and functionality your sign needs. From concept to construction, our team of consultants are with you every step of the way.

Our aim is to create unique sign concepts to give your business an edge. The first step is to meet with us on-site to discuss your objectives and requirements and determine the location and structural elements that may enhance or impede sign opportunities. Our sales consultants will then discuss a variety of different sign concepts and ideas to meet your objective.

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With a combined total of more than 20 years experience, we take much pride in the creativity of our in-house design team. It is their goal to take your vision and ideas and turn them into a full fledged design concept that can be turned into a reality.

Using the latest technology and design software, they create detailed shop drawings that provide a perfect impression of how your sign will look once manufactured.


We offer all manner of design services from logo design and sign concepts right through to structural engineering drawings.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use your existing designer or advertising agency, our team can work with their designs to ensure that the concepts are suitable for manufacture.



Our in-house print department is one of the largest printing operations in Far North Queensland. Our state of the art facility comprises multiple machines, each with a unique print output.


Our print equipment includes:







Our top of the range printing technology enables us to produce photo quality prints in extremely high resolution, with each machine playing a vital role in how different signs are created.



The Status Signs team of specialised vinyl applicators are experienced and accredited in various types of vinyl application. These include full vehicle wraps, cut vinyl applications, and glazing and wall films.

Our professional graphic installers work with a wide range of surfaces, shapes and contours. Installing intricate vinyl graphics with a seamlessly flawless finish requires both experience and impeccable craftsmanship.



Our state of the art paint department consists of a large, fully enclosed spray paint booth, the latest in-house paint mixing system and a fully functional preparation area. 

Having these facilities in-house not only provides consistency, by also ensures that all our sign coatings are durable and provide the highest quality finish.

2Pack paint allows you to achieve either a slick glossy or sheer matt finish. Both look fantastic in either interior or exterior use and offer an endless range of colour options.



Our workshop houses all the latest in sign crafting technology, including our very own laser and multiple CNC router machines.

We can cut and engrave almost any material, ranging from acrylic, timer and brass to stainless steel and aluminium. At Status Signs we can machine engrave any thickness of material to achieve a unique 3D layered logo or design.

Our laser etching machine can etch images and graphics, perhaps a corporate logo or a highly detailed photograph, onto a wide range of surfaces. Your imagination is the limit!



Our in-house fabrication workshop is equipped with all of the latest machinery and tools needed to create even the most technically challenging concept for your custom-made sign.

Having all of this equipment in-house ensures great cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and improved manufacturing processes and turn-around times.

Our fabrication facilities also allow us to build solid structural signs according to your uniquely engineered specifications. The skill and experience of our team ensures a quality finish every time and provide you with greater possibilities for your sign solution. 



At Status Signs we design, fabricate and wire all of our illuminated signs. From light boxes and LED signs to Neon-Flex systems, our experienced staff have the expertise to manufacture and pre-wire a wide range of signs, often working hand in hand with a licensed electrician to complete the power connections and final installation.

All our work is carried out in line with government regulations to ensure that the sign manufacturing, installation and operation is safe and meets all electrical standards.

With a wide range of illumination options available, our team at Status Signs is happy to advise you on the best solution to meet the needs of your project.



Our highly experienced and skilled installation team is trained in all of the various tools, equipment and machinery required to install any sign in any location in a safe and secure way.

With our vast knowledge of safety obligations, local conditions and legal and regulatory requirements, we can take the headache out of the installation process by organising all of the appropriate equipment and permits needed to compete the works.

Our installers take pride in their workmanship and always make sure every job is completed to the best of their ability to your satisfaction.

From pylons and light boxes to directional blades and plaques, our team has the 'know how' to ensure installation is as quick and professional as possible.



At Status Signs we provide ongoing support to all of our clients for the life of their sign. We offer a standard 12 month warranty on all of our sign products and extended warranties to specific sign projects when required.

From concept to construction, we offer a comprehensive service and professional results. Our focus on good customer services, our extensive range of products, our superior expertise and our experienced personnel are what sets us apart from other sign companies.

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