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New Projects

Introducing innovative signage displays crafted to ensure our clients stand out from the crowd. Elevate your visibility with our cutting-edge signage solutions designed to captivate and leave a lasting impression. Let us illuminate your presence and help you shine amidst the competition!



Regional projects 

These signs have it all…. wayfinding, interpretive and regulatory information all rolled into one. With their unique design featuring 3 sides, made from structural aluminium framework and aluminium sheeting, they even house an engraved acrylic ruler for measuring your fish. These signs were designed and manufactured in-house, then installed at various outdoor recreation areas, with a total of 9 signs completed.

Cairns Regional Council

February 2020

Crystalbrook Hotels

How often do a whole collection of hotels get built at the same time, in the same city and in close proximity to each other? Status Signs had the pleasure of manufacturing and installing all signage at three brand new hotels in Cairns: Riley, Bailey and Flynn Crystalbrook.

Crystalbrook Collection

January 2020

Cattana Wetlands

Its not every day in the signage world that you get to incorporate both artistic and technically difficult graphic design skills into a single signage project. Our designer was sure up for the challenge! She was tasked with not only designing but also illustrating a large selection of interpretive and wayfinding signage for a natural wetlands area. Overall, the project took approximately 150 hours of gruelling design time - but what a finished package!

Cairns Regional Council

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